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Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Thank You...Gail from Beyond Boobs. We were very honored that you attended our Brunch on Saturday 10/13/12. With the many events being held in the community that day to recognized Breast Cancer Awareness...you could have chosen to go elsewhere, but spent time with and we want to thank you for gracing us with your presence.


Hosting a brunch tomorrow to introduce ourselves to more of the community. We are also promoting our breast cancer campaign where we will give a percentage of our proceeds to Beyond Boobs to do our part in contributing to work that they are doing in our community. We are look for a success tomorrow and excited to be a part of something bigger than us. If you are in the are swing by and come visit us, we will happy to see.
October 13, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

PUT YOUR BOXING GLOVES ON & LETS FIGHT!Together we can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. We are aware of the devistation the decease can have on an individual and their families & friends. I believe we all know someone or have known of someone fighting for their lives. Lets come together and give what we can rather big or small to support our community of women faced with a life changing battle.
Dreams Day Spa has made a committment to donate a percentage of our massage services this month to

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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