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Q. What is the policy on cancellations?
A. A 24 hr. notice is required or your appointment will be cancelled with a rescheduling fee of $45.00 and for a no show appointment A non-refundable charge of the same. A same day cancellation is $35.00 each fee is non-refundable and may be assessed to any refunds issued or rescheduled appointments .

Q. What is the difference between Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage?
A. The Deep tissue Massage is
a type of massage which reaches structures far beneath the superficial fascia to attempt to relieve chronic muscle problems or injuries. (intense often painful)
Swedish Massage is the smooth  therapeutic movements of muscles manipulation in a gentle way to remove tension in the muscles (not painful).

Q. How often should I receive a massage?
A. It is recommended to receive a massage at least twice a month for problem issues; for general relaxation once every month.

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